Ganaderia La Huasteca started breeding Gray and Red Brahman cattle in 2006 when we selected some of the top Brahmans heifers from Ciudad Valles. After purchasing the very best Brahman heifers we imported some of the best Brahman bulls and purchased semen from such great American Brahman breeders as J.D. Hudgins and HK Cattle. We purchased these great genetics with one reason in mind. To produce genetic copies of the very finest quality Brahman genetics in order to compete with our Red Brahman and our Gray Brahman cattle both nationally and internationally.

We put great emphasis on the choice of our Brahman breeding stock cattle because we believe our clients should have confidence that we are offering excellent genetic quality in our Brahman cattle. We believe we exceed all standards of the livestock industry.

At Ganaderia La Huasteca our goal is to produce the very best quality Gray Brahman and Red Brahman cattle. In our Brahman cattle breeding program we use artificial insemination, live cover, as well as embryo transfer.
We are proud that in our embryo transfer program we have a fertility average of 55%. At Ganaderia La Huasteca we currently have both Red Brahman donor cows and Gray Brahman donor cows from such great breeders as HK Cattle and J.D. Hudgins.

We work hard every day towards our goal of genetic improvement of our herd of Brahman cattle. We are always comparing and acquiring new livestock management practices to continue offering only the best quality Brahman genetics in a cost effective manner. Look for our show string of cattle as we participate in both national and international Brahman shows.

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